Student Leaders Support Ray

Students are powerful. When we show up, there’s no limit to what we can change.

In 2016, young people near the University of Minnesota and Augsburg University decided it was time for change. Young voters were the key difference in Representative Ilhan Omar’s historic victory over a 44-year incumbent.

We sent a clear message: stand up for us, and we’ll show up for you.

Now we have the chance to do it again. On November 7th, we’ll be asked to elect a brand new government for the City of Minneapolis. Mayor, City Council, Park Board, every position is up for grabs, and your vote could make all the difference.

Less than 1 out of every 5 students voted in the last city election.

At a time when students are under attack from a hostile Federal Department of Education, dysfunctional Republican state lawmakers, heavy-handed tuition increases, and threats upon personal identities; we need to elect local lawmakers who are willing to stand up for us.

We need to elect Raymond Dehn.

During his tenure at the state capitol, Ray consistently fought for tuition freezes and more funding dedicated to higher education. When students organized to make affirmative consent a reality at the U, Ray was one of the first male legislators to support it. As the next Mayor of Minneapolis, Ray will continue to show up for us. He’ll be the advocate we deserve.

Ray’s vision for Minneapolis is born out of an understanding that many individual struggles are the result of a flawed system. His policy-driven platform calls for more affordable housing, accountable policing, an equitable transit system, and governance that gives marginalized communities a seat at the table.

Students should choose a Mayor who best represents their interests. With Ray, we can elect a leader willing to fight for the change our city needs.   

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th

Co-signed by: Abdulkadir Sharif, Abe Rizvi, Adi Penugonda, Aisha Chughtai, Alaina Friedrich, Alex Thibbido, Ana Mendoza Packham, Angela Vang, Apoorva Malarvannan, Ash Farah, Aurin Chowdhury, Austen Macalus, Becca Rowe, Braxton Haake, Brett Herbers, Brian Rosas, Callie Livengood, Charlie Parker, Chad Faust, Cleo Lacey, Eleanor Konz, Francisco Cortes, Hannah Kloos, Holly Wilson, Jasmine Gill, Jordan Anderson, Kanad Gupta, Kate McCarthy, Katie Donovan, Keaon Dousti, Makda Biniam, Marit Miedema, Mary Claire Ekstrom, Maxyne Friesen, Natalya Arevalo, Nick Alm, Nina Kostic, Shawn Daye, Simran Mishra, Shamsa Ahmed, Sonia Neculescu, Sophia Meza, Tristan Cromwell, Quinn Morris


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