Police Reform

Hi, my name is Raymond Dehn and I’m running to be Mayor of Minneapolis. I wanted to talk with you about my plan to establish accountable policing.

Centuries of over-policing and misconduct have created a fundamental distrust of police by people of color and Indigenous communities. Adding more officers to a system built on racist policies and profit-based mass incarceration won’t make our communities safer.

I believe crime is not a product of individual morality—it is a consequence of scarcity in our society and an indicator of community health. Our long-term approach to public safety must be transformative, intervening before people enter the criminal justice system.

The best deterrents to crime are affordable housing, healthy food, clean air and water, quality education, and accessible health care—not more money invested into a department that has shown itself impervious to reform time and time again. My priorities for community safety include divesting from MPD, demilitarizing the force, and building community safety networks that aren’t based in white supremacy.

We need systemic change—a world where we humanize people instead of criminalize them. I hope our vision of an equitable Minneapolis will earn your first-choice vote on Tuesday, November 7th.

On your side,

Learn more about my plan for policing at raymonddehn.com/policing

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