Education Leaders Support Ray

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The Mayor needs to be a champion of public education—youth are the future of our city.

Raymond Dehn understands that classroom success is dependent on stable housing, economic justice, access to transit and healthcare, public safety, and healthy neighborhoods. He will fight to increase wrap-around services—early childhood screenings, social work, healthcare, and meaningful out-of-school programming—anchoring schools as community institutions.

Ray recognizes that student homelessness is an epidemic in Minneapolis. Almost 9% of Minneapolis public school students experience homelessness—an unacceptably large number. Without stable housing and a nurturing home environment, students experience stressors which translate to difficulty in the classroom. Ray believes that instead of criminalizing youth, we should address the causes of disruptive behavior and youth violence.

We have had thousands of conversations about education for our children—on the doors, over the phone, and at public meetings. We bring a diversity of perspectives and solutions for our schools, yet we agree: having Ray in the Mayor’s Office is the best thing for students. Will you join us and vote for Ray as your first-choice on November 7th?


Kim Ellison, Minneapolis Board of Education Vice Chair
KerryJo Felder, Minneapolis Board of Education Director
Jill Davis, former Minneapolis Board of Education Chair
Londel French, Educator and Community Schools Advocate
Ryan Strack, Child and Homelessness Advocate
Caroline Hooper, Minneapolis High School Teacher
Nonie Kouneski, Minneapolis High School Teacher
Robert Panning-Miller, Minneapolis Teacher, Former MFT President
Valerie Olsen-Rittler, Minneapolis High School Teacher
Jim Thomas, Minneapolis Educator
Judy Reinke Bjorke, Retired MPS Social Worker
Bob Reinke Bjorke, Retired MPS Teacher
Jane Swatosh, MPS Elementary Teacher


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