Ilhan Omar Endorses Raymond Dehn for Mayor of Minneapolis

March 30, 2017

Akhilesh Menawat

MARCH 30, 2017 MINNEAPOLIS — Today, Representative Ilhan Omar (MN-60B) announced that she is endorsing Raymond Dehn for Mayor of Minneapolis.

“I’m excited to endorse my colleague Raymond Dehn to be Mayor of Minneapolis,” said Ilhan Omar. “Ray searches for solutions to problems that aren’t yet apparent. His ability to foresee need is evident in his legislative record. A progressive leader of action, he is inviting and empowering a coalition of stakeholders generally forgotten in city elections. Ray’s vision is clear: we must remedy systemic inequity to build community wealth and regain affordable housing, from there we will successfully establish police accountability and uplift people’s health. At the Capitol, Ray is known for ingenuity in problem solving; he will bring foresight and empathy to the Mayor’s office.”

Ilhan went on to say, “Minneapolis needs a Mayor who identifies with the plight of everyday people, while understanding that change must be affected through both our governing and partnerships with communities. Ray was present at the 4th Precinct protests more than any elected official. Ray will protect our right to protest and hold truth to power. He understands that such occupations represent community discontent, not an additional threat to public safety. He knew the failings were greater than administrative miscommunication and that the city’s approach to marginalized communities bore fault. I am proud to support Raymond Dehn, a Mayor on our side.”

“I am excited to receive Ilhan’s endorsement,” said Ray. “Ilhan is a visionary leader and true role model who has inspired people across the state and nation. I have had the honor of working alongside her at the legislature—her energy and determination are unmatched. I look forward to continue working with Ilhan in the city-state relationship.”

Raymond Dehn, a fourth-generation Northsider and University of Minnesota graduate, is a three-term State Representative serving District 59B, which includes the Northside, Bryn Mawr, North Loop, Elliott Park, and Downtown. During his time at the Capitol, he has raised the minimum wage, championed bipartisan criminal justice reform, and expanded access to healthcare. He lives in the Jordan neighborhood of Minneapolis.