Climate & Environmental Justice Leaders Support Ray

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We were out in your community and noticed your lawn sign. As organizers who have worked to build a better future for our climate, we are invested in ensuring our elected leaders share our priorities. We want to tell you why Raymond Dehn is the candidate we are supporting for Mayor in November.

Ray is a leader who shows up. When Sheriff Stanek sent Hennepin County Sheriffs to Standing Rock to brutalize Indigenous water protectors, Ray was with us when we occupied City Hall demanding Stanek call them back. When we marched against Enbridge to prevent the disastrous Line 3 Pipeline—Ray was there.

He is a LEED-accredited professional and Bush Fellow, who has studied the intersection of transportation, housing, and environmental justice. Rep. Raymond Dehn understands how pollution and environmental degradation intersect with housing, transportation, healthcare, wealth, and our criminal justice system.

We support Ray because he recognizes that while we all experience the effects of climate change, people of color and indigenous (POCI) communities are disproportionately impacted. He will fight to close trash incinerators like the HERC and ensure renewable energy is accessible to POCI and low-wealth communities. His priorities for climate and environmental justice are shutting down industrial polluters, paying reparations to communities harmed by environmental racism, transition to 100% renewable energy and becoming a zero-waste city by 2030.

Ray’s vision is rooted in systemic change—centering the most marginalized communities as we build an environmentally just future. That’s why we are proud to support Raymond Dehn as our first-choice for Mayor. Will you join us and vote for Ray on November 7th?


Rep. Karen Clark, State Representative 62A
Aisha Gomez
Patty O’Keefe
Janiece Watts
Ashley Fairbanks
Andy Pearson
Karen Monahan
Maria Langholz
Noah Shavit-Lonstein

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