All Are Welcome

The team was out in your neighborhood and saw your “All Are Welcome” sign. My name is Ilhan Omar, a State Representative in District 60B, and when I see that sign, I know your family loves and respects mine.

I know you are committed to making Minneapolis an equitable city where everyone, no matter their background, is welcome and can call our city home. But, to be truly welcoming, we must understand how inequity is built in to our city’s actions, and fundamentally change how we approach governance.

I’m proud to support my colleague, Raymond Dehn, to be the next mayor of Minneapolis. As the State Representative for District 59B, representing the Northside, Bryn Mawr, North Loop, Elliott Park, and Downtown, Ray is dedicated to correcting disparities and fighting for progressive policies. He also goes out of his way to include and welcome traditionally left-behind communities in discussions and decisions—too few of our leaders actually do this.

Ray has more experience working inter-governmentally with state, county, and city policymakers than any other candidate. He is an innovative thinker who creates comprehensive plans aimed at the root causes of inequity and understands we require long-term strategies. While other candidates propose sparse solutions, Ray’s platform overlaps and intersects—the only approach that disrupts oppressive systems, uplifts vulnerable residents, and upholds justice.

That’s the Minneapolis I want my children to grow up in. That’s the Minneapolis our vision will achieve—where every family is welcomed and can make Minneapolis their home just as mine did years ago. That’s why Raymond Dehn is my first-choice for Mayor in Minneapolis. Please join me in voting to make Minneapolis a welcoming community for all.  

In solidarity,
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar represents District 60B in the Minnesota House of Representatives. She is the first Somali-American legislator to serve in the United States.

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