Karen Clark Endorses Ray for Mayor


July 6, 2017

Akhilesh Menawat

Karen Clark Endorses Raymond Dehn for Mayor of Minneapolis

JULY 6, 2017 MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Today, Representative Karen Clark (MN-62A) endorsed Raymond Dehn for Mayor of Minneapolis.

“Ray is one of our city’s most effective legislators at the Capitol,” said Representative Clark. “His energy and efficiency at the Capitol have been remarkable. Ray lead the legislature on reformed drug sentencing guidelines, ban-the-box for jobs, and securing funding for Clare Housing. Ray brings unique, neighborhood-based insight to governing which is something desperately needed in our city leadership.”

Rep. Clark went on to say, “Ray and I worked together on marriage equality, the safer schools bill, securing $100 million for preserving and expanding affordable housing, a strong commitment to environmental justice legislation, and building safer neighborhoods. Ray genuinely represents the people in our city who have been left behind. That’s why I’m supporting Ray to be Mayor of Minneapolis.”

“I’m honored to receive Karen’s endorsement,” said Ray. “She is one of the most effective legislators and we have accomplished a lot together. Karen and I—and a handful progressives—fight year after year for working people. She knows that we need a progressive in the Mayor’s office, and I’m honored to be her choice.”

Raymond Dehn, a fourth-generation Northsider and University of Minnesota graduate, is a three-term State Representative serving District 59B, which includes the Northside, Bryn Mawr, North Loop, Elliott Park, and Downtown. During his time at the Capitol, he has raised the minimum wage, championed bipartisan criminal justice reform, and expanded access to healthcare. He lives in the Jordan neighborhood of Minneapolis.