Statement on July 15 MPD Shooting

Last night, Minneapolis Police Department officers killed a woman in south Minneapolis—another unacceptable murder by those sworn to keep us safe. While the details are not yet known, we do know the officers at the scene did not have their body cameras on. The incident perpetuates the historical lack of transparency and accountability in institutions of law enforcement—an institution fueled by an established culture of excessive force and state sanctioned murder.

Recent reports show that officers in the field equipped with body cams only recorded five to six hours per month—it’s clear that voluntarily turning on the cameras does not work. Even when body camera footage is available, more often than not, justice does not prevail. In the absence of footage, what hope do we have that it will?

There is a vigil at 6 pm today in the alley between Washburn and Xerxes on 51st Street. Please join me in standing in solidarity with our hurting city and our communities for whom police violence evokes daily fear and lifelong trauma of being targeted by police.


BlogAkhilesh Menawat