Ray will be the best Mayor for education -Kim Ellison, KerryJo Felder, Jill Davis


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Last week, we celebrated as the North High Polars won their second State Basketball Championship in a row. This athletic victory comes at the heels of monumental academic success-North High's graduation rate increase by 40 percent, in just two years. North High School's momentum is growing, but it almost never got that chance.

In 2010, Minneapolis Public Schools wanted to close North High School. The school was struggling-enrollment was declining and test scores were down. The solution wasn't to punish students and their families, but to invest in their success. When we fought to keep North open, Ray was by our side. He knew then like he knows now, the way to fight for communities is to invest in them, not take their opportunities away. That's why we're supporting Ray.

His vision is clear: we must remedy systemic inequity to build community wealth and regain affordable housing, from there we will successfully establish police accountability and uplift people's health. Ray knows the success of our students relies on their families to have stable housing, earn a living wage, and have access to the services they need, from transportation to and from work to recreational programming in our parks.

The three of us have had thousands of conversations—on the doors, on the phone, and over the phone, and at public debates about education for our children. We bring a diversity of perspectives and solutions for our schools, yet we agree Ray will be the best Mayor for education.

Our kids, parents, and communities need a mayor that will look out for our schools—they are the future of our city. We need a mayor that fights for students, schools and our communities. We need a mayor in the fight with us. Learn more about Ray

Join us in caucusing for Ray tonight,

Kim Ellison, Minneapolis Board of Education Vice Chair
KerryJo Felder, Minneapolis Board of Education Director
Jill Davis, former Minneapolis Board of Education Chair


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Kim Ellison - Minneapolis Board of Education Vice Chair

KerryJo Felder - Minneapolis Board of Education Director

Jill Davis - former Minneapolis Board of Education Chair

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