Policing Organizers Endorse Ray for Mayor


As organizers who have worked to end police violence against our communities, we are invested in ensuring our elected leaders share our priorities. As a coalition, we want to tell you why Raymond Dehn is the candidate we’ll be supporting in November.

After Jamar Clark was shot and killed by the Minneapolis Police Department in North Minneapolis, we were there. Many of us were among those who organized and supported the occupation outside the Fourth Precinct police station. We stood up against white supremacy and police murder for 18 days on Plymouth Avenue, forcing Minneapolis to pay attention to the violence visited by MPD on Black folks, Indigenous folks, and other marginalized communities every day.

We support Ray because he understands the true nature of crime, knowing that safer communities aren’t created with racist stop-and-frisk policies or mass incarceration, but by giving them the resources they need to thrive. He knows the best deterrents to crime are affordable housing, healthy food, clean air and water, quality education, and accessible health care—not more money invested into a department that has shown itself impervious to reform time and time again. His priorities for community safety include divesting from MPD, demilitarizing the force, and building community safety networks that aren’t based in white supremacy.

Government has created a continuous loop where the poor are kept poor, and our city’s most vulnerable populations are further marginalized. Zip Codes determine access to healthy food, public transportation, education, and good-paying jobs. Poverty affects a family’s ability to live in a healthy, safe environment, build generational wealth, and afford health care. Race defines interactions with police, and the presence of officers in schools enforces the school to prison pipeline.

The disparities in Minneapolis persist because our leaders refuse to disrupt systems of oppression. Our next Mayor must understand intersectionality. Our city’s issues—housing, wealth, education, environmental justice, policing, criminal justice, and transportation—are all connected, and our approach to public policy must be the same.

Thus far, the majority of Minneapolis Mayoral candidates have approached problems as individual and separate—they propose siloed solutions and narrowly tailored policy. These candidates who wear a veil of progressive rhetoric while advocating for more of the same and—in some cases—horrifying policies.

Ray’s approach is different. He has more experience working inter-governmentally with state, county, and city policymakers than any other candidate. He is an innovative thinker who creates comprehensive plans aimed at the root causes of inequity and understands we require long-term strategies. Instead of proposing sparse solutions, Ray’s platform overlaps and intersects—his is the only approach that disrupts oppressive systems, uplifts vulnerable residents, and upholds justice.

That’s why we are voting for Raymond Dehn as our first-choice to be our Mayor in Minneapolis.

In solidarity,

Mica May Grimm, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis founding member
Kandace Montgomery, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis founding member
Oluchi Omeoga, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis founding member
Michael McDowell, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis founding member

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