MYDFL Endorses Ray for Mayor

“Ray champions young voices and his dynamic leadership has brought together a coalition of young people of all backgrounds,” said MYDFL President, Alex Boutrous. “Ray’s proactive approach to governance will allow every young person the same opportunities for success. His bold vision for and commitment to investing in our communities and dismantling the violence of our existing system makes him the best choice for mayor. "

Statement on July 15 MPD Shooting

Last night, Minneapolis Police Department officers killed a woman in south Minneapolis—another unacceptable murder by those sworn to keep us safe. While the details are not yet known, we do know the officers at the scene did not have their body cameras on. The incident perpetuates the historical lack of transparency and accountability in institutions of law enforcement—an institution fueled by an established culture of excessive force and state sanctioned murder.

We need Ray at City Hall

My name is Karen Clark, I'm a State Representative for District 62A, representing South Minneapolis. During my time at the legislature, I've championed LGBTQ+ equality—I was the chief author of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage; Ray was one the first legislators to sign on. Since then, we've stood together fighting for our progressive values.

Karen Clark Endorses Ray for Mayor

Ray is one of our city’s most effective legislators at the Capitol. His energy and efficiency at the Capitol have been remarkable. Ray lead the legislature on reformed drug sentencing guidelines, ban-the-box for jobs, and securing funding for Clare Housing. Ray brings unique, neighborhood-based insight to governing which is something desperately needed in our city leadership.

Students for Ray

We’re proud to support Raymond Dehn for Mayor of Minneapolis. Ray values youth as one of the most powerful constituencies in our nation. Ray is the only candidate who has authentically engaged with students, not to acquire our vote, but to understand our perspective. His puts in the time: Ray is the only candidate with an active U of M student group in this election. His campaign team reflects these values—their average age is 24 years.

No justice, no peace

Philando’s senseless death should at least stand for progress, but it will join a long list of police executions—fueled by an established culture of racial profiling and excessive force built on laws upholding white supremacy—nationwide. We had hope, with this verdict, that things would be different, that we wouldn’t see our state sanction another murder.

Organizing Works

In the past weeks, we have seen many of our leaders shift their view in support of a $15 minimum wage. This is largely due to the organizing work done by NOC, 15NOW, CTUL, SEUI, ISAIAH—proof that when we mobilize communities progress follows. When Minneapolis builds a plan to implement a living wage, we must write in provisions for regular wage increases with inflation. Else, we will face the present crisis—where the wage must be raised $5.50 sense to catch up with decades of neglect—once again.