Treat Substance Abuse and Addiction

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Substance abuse and addiction impact Minneapolis on individual and systemic levels. In Minneapolis, individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction issues face housing insecurity, difficulty maintaining employment, and are compelled to commit crimes at higher rates.

Currently, Minneapolis has no long-term plan to address substance abuse and addiction in our city. When searching through city services, our current focus is on reporting suspected drug activity and recognizing drug houses, rather than accessing treatment. In order to improve public safety and decrease rates of incarceration, we need to prevent addiction. Following national best practices, we will develop intergovernmental prevention and rehabilitation-centered solutions to decrease rates of substance abuse and addiction.

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  1. Conduct a city report on Minneapolis’ substance abuse and addiction problems
  2. Create a Substance Abuse and Treatment Advisory Committee
  3. Add a substance and drug abuse professional to the Chief’s Citizen Advisory Council
  4. Review and amend our City of Minneapolis Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Test Policy to develop a pathway to rehabilitation for existing employees or treatment for new employees
  5. Develop rehabilitation-centric policies for the Minneapolis Police Department for working with offenders facing substance abuse and addiction
  6. Partner with Hennepin County to support providers and better fund services
  7. Improve data collection on rates of substance abuse, addiction and recovery
  8. Strengthen legislative priorities for substance abuse to the 2018 Legislative Agenda
  9. Work with Neighborhood Associations to develop best practices for connecting community members in need with treatment programs
  10. Pass a $15 minimum wage and increase affordable housing