July 8, 2017—Ilhan Omar's Introduction of Raymond Dehn at Minneapolis DFL Convention

Thank you.

I am Ilhan Omar—I have the pleasure of representing some of you at the State Capitol. First, I want to thank you all for being here.

This is the biggest convention we do in Minnesota! I had the pleasure of chairing the City Convention in this exact room, four years ago, the last time we had a Mayor’s race.

I love the endorsing process—caucuses and conventions. If you’re at all familiar with how my convention went last year, you may be surprised to hear me say that. Caucuses and Conventions have always been messy, but that’s the elegance of democracy.

This year, although many of the candidates appear similar, there are critical differences—look at their values, their allies, their Team.

We are the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party. We should be endorsing someone who fits into our actual ideals, someone who will identifies with the plight of everyday people.

I’m voting for Raymond Dehn, a Mayor who searches for solutions to problems that aren’t yet apparent. 

I’m the mother of a black son, I am more worried about him coming home safe from the corner store than refuting a misrepresentation of a candidate’s commitment to co-governance. I was beyond disappointed with our city leadership after the murder of Jamar Clark. I saw Ray at the 4th Precinct protests listening to his constituents and talking about police reform, rather than accepting police donations. Ray will protect our right to protest and speak truth to power. He understands that such occupations represent community discontent, not a threat to public safety.

He knew the failings were greater than administrative miscommunication and that the city’s approach to marginalized communities was to blame.

We deserve better leadership. I am proud to support and introduce, Raymond Dehn, the next Mayor of Minneapolis.

Akhilesh Menawat