I'm a 4th generation Northsider, lifelong criminal justice reformer, affordable housing expert, 3rd term State Rep, and an addict—40 years sober.

I'm running a people-powered campaign to make life better for every person in our city, not just the people at the top.



I believe in a Minneapolis that intentionally includes people traditionally left out of the process, parents working multiple full-time jobs to support their family, renters being priced out of their neighborhoods, communities targeted because of their identities or beliefs, neighbors who feel unsafe in the presence of officers sworn to protect them, and all who have a stake in the health of our environment.

I’ve spent my career fighting for solutions before they are popular, making decisions with the people most impacted by issues at the table. For the past five years, I've fought for progressive change alongside the 43,000 Minneapolis residents I represent. From the foreclosure crisis, to saving North High, to the 4th precinct, I’ve always been on my community’s side. I’m running to be a Mayor on yours too.

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I believe we need to divest from police and demilitarize the force.

  • I stood with my neighbors at the 4th Precinct, after Jamar Clark was shot and killed by the Minneapolis Police Department in North Minneapolis, blocks from my house. We demanded justice for Jamar and all victims of police brutality
  • As a legislator, I secured funding for every officer in the state to go through conflict de-escalation, cultural competency, mental health response, and implicit bias training and fought back the anti-protest bill unfairly targeting Black Lives Matter activists
  • As Mayor, I will fund alternatives to safety beyond policing, demilitarize the police, and invest in addressing the causes of crime—a lack of housing, education, healthcare and employment

I believe housing is a human right and investing 9¢ in affordable housing for every $1 we spend on policing is wrong.

  • Housing has been my life’s work: from owning a construction company and studying housing at the University of Minnesota, to saving my neighbors homes during the recession and receiving a grant to study the intersection of transit, housing and the environment. I'm the most qualified candidate to address affordable housing
  • As a legislator, I secured $200 million dollars in funding for affordable housing and have fought on the front lines with renters facing evection
  • As Mayor, I will invest in affordable housing, protect renters, and fight for rent stabilization

I believe being a sanctuary city must go beyond protecting residents from detention and deportation.

  • Over 15 percent of my district are immigrants, many of whom are refugees. I have been a vocal proponent of expanding the definition of sanctuary city
  • As a legislator, I fought for access to driver's licenses for undocumented residents, going on a hunger strike in solidarity with the immigrant community, and showing up for hearings of community members facing deportation
  • As Mayor, I will fight for a sanctuary county status, refuse CVE funding, and ensure immigrants, regardless of status, have access to education, housing, healthcare, and other essential social services

I have one of the most progressive records in the legislature and have a history of supporting solutions before they are popular.