Generate Community Wealth

Wealth goes far beyond household income. Wealth is self-worth, identified at the individual, familial, community, and sovereign levels. We must not only recognize valuable community institutions, but invest in them. When there was a movement to close North High School, I was an intransigent opponent. As a member of the community, I stood with teachers, students, families, and alumni, knowing the school's value outweighed its financial cost. Saving North High was invigorating! Over the last four years, North has increased its graduation rate 37.4 percent. Last year, North High Boy's won the state basketball tournament; they earned a #1 seed in the 2017 tournament, as well.



  1. Institute a citywide $15 minimum wage (no tip penalty)
  2. Absolutely oppose preemption
  3. Incentivize light commercial spaces in neighborhoods


On Wage

I support a $15 minimum wage, without a tip penalty. I strongly disagree with attempts by Republicans at the State Legislature to preempt local control. Minneapolis is lucky to have several small businesses that have become case studies on how small businesses can do right by their employees and remain lively and sustainable.

A livable wage is not just about the economy of Minneapolis. Our decision will affect the region. We hope our neighbors follow our lead. Last year, the City Council commissioned a study on the effects a $12 and $15 wage would have in our city which suggests that the benefit to workers will be substantial, while businesses which rely heavily on low-wage workers are likely to see a 5% rise in cost.

Raising the wage raises our wealth. Minimum-wage jobs are the basis of many people’s livelihood and often of their family’s livelihood. $800 a month will make needs like nutrition and healthcare more accessible. That extra money will go directly into our communities and small businesses.


On Neighborhood Commercial Spaces

Light commercial spaces will provide local businesses with greater advantages to thrive. Small storefronts promote foot traffic, shift neighborhood culture, and improve public safety. Further, we should incentivize neighborhood entrepreneurs to maintain institution that highlight the cultural diversity throughout our city.