Environmental Justice

For far too long, polluters have been allowed to create too heavy of a burden on our cities' most vulnerable neighborhoods. As a legislator, I have been a vocal opponent of the HERC incinerator on the north side of downtown. I would bring my experience fighting against environmental injustice to City Hall. The City must work with regulatory agencies to make sure that polluters are being held accountable and that our health department is using current best practices to collect data around increased rates of childhood asthma and other health disparities.

A quintessential part of designing a 21st Century city is making sure that it is environmentally sustainable. Our city has already adopted a climate action plan that sets to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The plan was developed by people in our city with tremendous experience, and it will be my job as Mayor to help people, organizations and corporations understand what their role is in the fight against climate change.

Minneapolis has taken other great steps toward environmental sustainability, like our single-sort recycling and municipal composting programs. But it isn’t enough to just implement these programs if they aren’t funded with enough money to provide education about how they work, or if we don’t allow apartment buildings to participate. As we work to build density in the city, we must also find a way to incorporate multi-unit buildings into the municipal collection programs.