I am proud to be endorsed by


Mica may grimm, mike mcdowell, Kandace Montgomery, & oluchi omeoga
Organizers, black lives matter minneapolis

“After Jamar Clark was shot and killed by the Minneapolis Police Department in North Minneapolis, we were there. Many of us were among those who organized and supported the occupation outside the Fourth Precinct police station. And each day of that occupation, Rep. Raymond Dehn showed up in solidarity—supporting us and demanding justice.”


Minnesota Nurses Association

“Representative Dehn shares nurses’ beliefs and vision for healthcare as a human right for all. He will advocate for nurses' priorities like access to quality, affordable healthcare; collective bargaining rights for all workers; and the opportunity to succeed no matter where people live or who they are.”


Minnesota Young DFL

“Ray champions young voices and his dynamic leadership has brought together a coalition of young people of all backgrounds. Ray’s proactive approach to governance will allow every young person the same opportunities for success. His bold vision for and commitment to investing in our communities and dismantling the violence of our existing system makes him the best choice for mayor. The Minnesota Young DFL is proud to support a candidate with a comprehensive vision for a truly equitable Minneapolis.”


Our Revolution National

“It's time for real criminal justice reform in Minneapolis. Raymond Dehn for Minneapolis championed police accountability as state representative, and as mayor he'll lead on de-militarizing police and training police in de-escalation. We're proud to endorse his campaign for Mayor.”


Representative Ilhan Omar (MN-60B)

“Ray searches for solutions to problems that aren’t yet apparent. His ability to foresee need is evident in his legislative record. A progressive leader of action, he is inviting and empowering a coalition of stakeholders generally forgotten in city elections. At the Capitol, Ray is known for ingenuity in problem solving; he will bring foresight and empathy to the Mayor’s office. Minneapolis needs a Mayor who identifies with the plight of everyday people, while understanding that change must be affected through both our governing and partnerships with communities.”


Representative Karen Clark (MN-62A)

“Ray is one of our city’s most effective legislators at the Capitol. His energy and efficiency at the Capitol have been remarkable. Ray brings unique, neighborhood-based insight to governing which is something desperately needed in our city leadership. Ray genuinely represents the people in our city who have been left behind. That’s why I’m supporting Ray to be Mayor of Minneapolis.”


Kim Ellison, Minneapolis Board of Education Vice Chair
KerryJo Felder, Minneapolis Board of Education Director
Jill Davis, former Minneapolis Board of Education Chair

“Ray knows the success of our students relies on their families to have stable housing, earn a living wage, and have access to the services they need, from transportation to and from work to recreational programming in our parks. We need a mayor that fights for students, schools and our communities. The three of us bring a diversity of perspectives and solutions for our schools, yet we agree Ray will be the best Mayor for education.”

cam logo.gif

CAm Gordon, Ward 2 Minneapolis City Council Member 

“This year I find myself glad that I will be able to cast a vote for 3 people in the mayor's race... I have appreciated his work, both in the legislature and on the streets, most notably in criminal justice reform at the legislature and during the Fourth Precinct protests in North Minneapolis, where he proved to be good friend and ally through some difficult moments and trying days. Additionally, I have been impressed with his very engaged and grassroots campaign and what he has done to bring new voters and younger people into the local political discussion.”


DFL Environmental caucus, letter of support

“The Minnesota DFL Environmental Caucus announced its support for three highly qualified candidates in the race for Minneapolis City Mayor. The DFL Environmental Caucus, with nearly 400 active members, is one of the largest and most active DFL caucuses. The Caucus believes that all three candidates have a strong record of leadership on environmental issues and the vision and skills needed to keep Minneapolis on a path to environmental justice and sustainability.”

southside pride.jpg

Southside PRide

“We think Ray understands the problems we face in Minneapolis: “Centuries of over-policing and misconduct have created a fundamental distrust of police by people of color and indigenous communities (POCI)”; “Every person deserves to live in a safe, quality, affordable home.  Markets alone cannot meet the needs of low- and moderate-income people, therefore the duty falls on government to implement nondiscriminatory housing policy”; “people of color and indigenous communities are disproportionately impacted by environmental hazards.”


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